Washing Machine Sizes: Picking the right size and type for you!

Front Loader? Top Loader? Does size really matter? We'll help clean up your misconceptions about washers and help you find your perfect fit! Find the machine that you can rely on day after day!

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At Save on Appliances, we believe that a good appliance is the one that’s right for you and your family, and washing machines are no exception, in fact, this may be one of the most important appliances in your home. A good washer will fit seamlessly into your life as if it was always there, and every now and then you’ll have flashbacks to that old ancient high-pitched machine you had before which smelled faintly of cabbage. But times are different now. Your new machine just gets you.

When you get into the search for a new washing machine, you’ll quickly come to realise it’s not as straightforward as it once was! This guide is designed to help you make the right choice based on your needs.

Choosing the right washing machine for your family can be tricky with the wide range of machines available on the market today and all of their new features. Believe it or not, things have come a very long way in the last 5 years! By carefully selecting the right machine for your needs you can save money on both water and electricity, as well as time that you could be spending alone, staring at a wall or with your family making precious memories.

Things to consider when choosing a washer:

  1. Family Size (and whether this number is going to grow!) We’ll go through the right size washer for you based on your family size.
  2. Washing frequency - do you wash all the time or are you a weekend washing warrior?
  3. How your laundry room is set up - Do you need to be able to stack your washer and dryer? This will determine whether you opt for a top or front loader.

Top Loader or Front Loader?

There are a few key differences between top load and front load washing machines. Top loaders are often cheaper to buy, can have a larger load capacity and have a much faster cycle time. However, the downside is the strain that bending over and reaching into the machine may cause, and of course, they do use considerably more water than front loaders.

Front loaders are considerably more energy efficient, have higher spin speeds for faster drying time and use significantly less water than top loaders. That level of water and energy efficiency use to come at a cost - time. But with the innovative technology being developed and improved, we’ve got many front loaders with quick 15-30minute cycles! Many front loaders even boast an "auto-dose" feature, which makes washing even easier.







More energy/water efficient

Longer cycle times

Cheaper to buy

Uses more detergent

Faster spin speed for better drying

More expensive to buy

Larger capacity

Limited installation options - can’t have a dryer stacked on top

Generally clean better and gentler on clothes

Require cleaning around the seals

Faster wash times

Slower spin speed

Flexible installation - can have a dryer stacked on top

Selected models you can’t add clothes mid cycle

Easier to load/unload

Uses more water

Family Size and Washing Frequency

You know how big your family is, and you know how often you do the washing (or how often you want to do the washing), this information will determine what size washer is going to be the best!

2kg - 6kg Washing Machine

  • Suitable for households of 1-2 people
    • Smaller washers will require you to do the washing more frequently, go smaller if you prefer to wash every couple of days or throughout the week, or opt for a larger size if you want to do weekly washes.

    6kg - 8.5kg Washing Machine

  • Suitable for households of 2-4 people
    • Great for growing families doing regular washes throughout the week
    • Great for couples looking to do less regular washing (weekly).
    • These can usually handle washing 1 Queen size linen set

    9kg-12kg+ Washing Machine

  • Suitable for households of 5+
    • If you’re thinking about having children in the near future, sizing up to a larger washer will be beneficial (thank us later)
    • A great option if you’re a family of 4 looking to do bigger load of washing less frequently (weekly)
    • These can usually handle washing 1 King size linen set or multiple single linen sets
    Having a larger machine means you can wash less often. However, if you're the type to do a load every few days, you'll want to stick with a smaller machine (e.g. 7kg instead of 8kg for a family of 4) so you're not wasting electricity and water unnecessarily.

    Family Size

    Ideal Washer Size


    Single / Couple


    Supports weekly wash loads.

    Bed linens may have to be washed in multiple loads.

    *6kg fits 1 double linen set.

    3-4 People


    Perfect for growing families.

    Allows for weekly OR more regular washes.

    *7kg fits 1 Queen linen set.



    Great for big families who go through a lot of laundry, allowing you to do less frequent loads.

    Can wash multiple sets of linen.

    * these are approximate

    Choose the washer that fits with your family size and your washing schedule, and you'll be saving money, energy and time!

    Want a little more help? If you still can’t decide, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll guide you through the process with specialist advice tailored to your needs!