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Bekos Air Purifiers: A Breath of Fresh Air

January 06, 2022 2 min read

A Breath of Fresh Air - Air Purification from Beko

A stylish air purification system, one that actually works, leaving you surrounded by crisp, fresh air - Beko has come out with guns blazing on their new air purifier!

If you’re anything like us, air purifiers are appliances that tend to fade into the background. They’ve always been the “eh” purchases. But since 2020, and the big changes that a global pandemic brought with it, air purifiers have become the “wow” purchase, the must have appliance for total peace of mind when it comes to a clean home. Allergy sufferers have been sitting on this one for years!

So, what do they do? What does it really mean to purify the air? The short and

sweet breakdown is that air enters through the bottom of the machine, and with a little Beko magic, clean and purified air is released from the top of the machine. This is the sort of machine that works quietly and diligently in the corner, and generally gets no accolation for it’s hard work. 

Beko Air Purifier With 3 Stage HEPA Filter

To give you an idea of the purification process, Beko’s Air Purifier range features their “Ultimate Purification” filtration. This purification technology can remove 99.9% of viruses from the air, which is pretty darn impressive. Not only that, but contaminants like dust, pollen, hair and airborne bacteria are absolutely no match for this machine. It literally “purifies” the air, cleaning it thoroughly before recirculating it. 

Beko’s Ultimate Filtration features four layers of filtration. Firstly, a washable pre-filter filters out the big particles like dust, pollen and hair, then the 3-layer HEPA filter removes 99.97% of the remaining airborne particles. Next, the air passes through a carbon filter to help eliminate odours. Finally, the built in ioniser assists with the air-cleaning process. That’s four independent filtration systems that all work together to give you crisp clean air. 


Beko Air Purifier With 3 Stage HEPA Filter

With their handy Sleep-Mode, you can set and forget this machine and rest peacefully without having to worry about dust or pollen allergies keeping you up. With a house full of pets, this air purifier is a game changer!


Setting this machine apart from the others, this Beko purifier actually looks like a stylish, modern appliance, blending in seamlessly with it’s surrounds. Bekos Air Purifiers are available in multiple sizes to suit the room you're going to be using it in. 



You can shop our range of air purifiers here, or come in store to check it out for yourself!

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