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Omega 60cm 4 Burner Gas Cooktop Black Knobs OCG604X

Model : OCG604X


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  • The Omega 60cm 4 Burner Gas Cooktop Black Knobs OCG604X has a safety device that ensures gas cannot flow from the cooktop if the flame is extinguished. No flame = no gas = safer home. Cast iron trivets are heavier and more durable than typical enamel coated trivets. This results in a more stable cooking surface and less chance of damage to the cooktop. And it comes with a Wok burner, which provides high heat that is needed for effective wok cooking. Not only is it suitable for Asian cuisines, it is also a powerful gas burner perfect for accelerating the cooking process.

    Type of Cooktop Gas
    Finish Stainless Steel
    Type of controls Knob Controls
    Number of burners 4
    Number of Knob Controls 4
    Total Power Ratins 29.5mj/hr max over four burners
    Power of Burners Front right: 4.5mj/hr Front left: 13mj/hr Rear x2: 6mj/hr
    Gas Type Natural / ULPG
    Installation Type Flex and Plug
    Connection 220-240V, 50-60Hz
    Ignition Electronic
    Flame Failure Device Yes, fitted to each burner
    Wok Burner Yes
    ULPG Adaptable Yes, kit supplied
    Maximum Current 10amps
    <i>Overall Product</i>
    Height 90mm
    Width 580mm
    Depth 500mm
    <i>Cut Out Size</i>
    Width 552mm
    Depth 470mm
    Warranty 24 months parts and labour