SMEG SAI95 SmartSense 90cm Induction Cooktop

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SMEG SAI95 Cooktop Is designed in Italy, has functional characteristics of quality with a design that combines style and high technology

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TypeSmartSence 90cm Induction Cooktop
FinishBlack Ceramic Surface, 12mm Bevelled Edge
Capacity5 Zonez
Right Front * feature surface share220x180mm 2100W | boost 2600/3700W
Rear Right * feature surface share220x180mm 2100W | boost 2600/3700W
Rear Centre180mm 1850W | boost 2300/3000W
Front Centre180mm 1850W | boost 2300/3000W
Left260mm 2600W | boost 3300/5500W
Total Power11,100 Watts
power levels9 Heat settings per zone + 2 boost settings per zone
3 Auto-regulated temperatures ∫ 42ºC, ∫∫ 70ºC, ∫∫∫ 94ºC
Current46.25 amp, must be hard wired
Timers3 Timers, simultaneous or separate operation
Independent egg timer
ControlsErgonomic slide control
SafteyPan Detection
Automatic Cut-Off
Touch-Control Lock
Residual Heat Indicators
Automatic Spillage Stop
Child Saftey Lock
Pan SizeAutomatic Pan Size Recognition
Product900mmW x 520mmD x x 41mm H + 4mmH ceramic surface
Cut-Out810mmW x 490mmD
InstallationBuilt-In Hob, Topmount
Manufactures Warranty
2 Years Parts and Labour
BOOST FUNCTIONSmeg SmartSense induction cooktops feature single boost (2,300W and 2,600W) and double boost (3,000W and 3700W) options. Boost provides an additional surge of power for even more intense heat and is ideal for heating large quantities rapidly (eg water for cooking pasta). The temperature will revert to power level 9 when complete (boost is limited to 8–10 minutes if not stopped beforehand).
SURFACE SHAREThe Smeg SAI95 90cm induction cooktop has five induction cooking zones, two of which feature Smeg’s Surface Share technology - they can be combined and operated with a single control. Smeg’s Surface Share zones are the largest available and rectangular in shape, ensuring that every part of the zone to the edge is usable, without any cold spots. You can use pans of different shapes - long, large, irregular or rectangular; and any number of pans on the single shared surface.
PAN DETECTIONZones which do not feature Surface Share are delineated by a cross where the zone’s horizontal crossbar is the maximum recommended diameter of the cooking utensil’s base and the vertical crossbar being the minimum diameter. Only the base area of the pan is activated by the electromagnetic field within the cooking zone so there is no wastage of power.
SLIDE OR DIRECT CONTROLFor precise cooking control, each zone is operated by an ergonomic slide control where you can choose to touch directly or finger swipe up and down the 1 to 9 power levels with no ‘tapping’ required.
PRESET TEMPERATURESThere are three pre-selected options to take the guesswork out of cooking – keep warm 42°, simmer 70° or rolling boil 94°C.
RECALL FUNCTIONAfter switching off the cooktop, it’s also possible to reactivate all of the previous settings.
AUTOMATIC COOKING AND TIMERSEach zone can be programmed for automatic cooking, where the zone heats to full power and then automatically reduces to the level you have selected. Stop-cook timers can also be activated for each zone. The STOP & GO function means you can pause the whole cooktop, and return to your previous settings if you need to leave the cooktop unattended for any reason.
SAFETY AND MAINTENANCEFor safety, Smeg’s SmartSense cooktops feature automatic spillage stop, touch control locks, child safety locks and residual heat indicators. Cooling fans ensure the temperature beneath the carcase is tempered and protects the electronic controls. And because boil-overs will not burn onto the surface, SmartSense cooktops are very easy to clean simply with a damp cloth.

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