Sunbeam 1800W Compact Cafe Grill GR8210


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  • Sunbeam 1800W Compact Cafe Grill GR8210

    The GR8210 A compact BBQ grill and sandwich press in one. With the caf?-quality sandwich press at home you can make your own gourmet toasted sandwiches. The top plate is ribbed so is ideal for BBQ grilling, creating authentic grill marks on your meats and toasted snacks.

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  • George Foreman Electric Griddle GREG10

    The George Foreman GREG10 Electric Griddle will help you create great tasting, healthy meals for the whole family! Fat reducing sloped design Cool touch handles Cooks up to 11 serves This George Foreman Electric Griddle has been designed to help get rid of unwanted and unhealthy fat, oil and butter when cooking. With it’s innovative sloped design, enjoy your food the way it’s supposed to taste.

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  • George Foreman Fit Grill Medium GFF2021

    The George Foreman GFF2021 Fit Grill – Medium has been created to save you space, whether it is on your countertop or Vertically stored away for a clutter-free kitchen. With a 160% Faster Heat Up**, you can enjoy freshly cooked food with the family, from switch on to plate in under 6 minutes~. The Medium Fit Grill has a Clip-in Drip Tray that collects any excess fat or other residue, for cleaning ease.

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  • Sunbeam 2000W Compact Cafe Press GR8250B

    The GR8250B The perfect caf? sandwich press for one to two people. Create your favourite caf? toasted sandwich at home with the Sunbeam Compact Caf? Press. Create two open cheese melt snacks, or toasted thick sandwiches and wraps. This is sure to satisfy any toastie craving and more.

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  • George Foreman Grill GR25051AU

    The George Foreman GR25051AU Entertaining Steel Grill is a fresh new take on a George Foreman classic! An exciting new chapter for the George Foreman brand.

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  • George Foreman Smokeless Grill GFSG01

    George Foreman GFSG01 With its open grate technology, the smokeless grill brings the outdoor grilling experience indoors without the smoke! It works by allowing any fat content to drain through the grates and onto the drip tray away from the heat, so you can grill juicy burgers, sizzling steaks, and so much more any time of year in your kitchen!

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  • Sunbeam 2400W Cafe Press GR8450B

    The Sunbeam GR8450B Cafe Press Sandwich Maker will create your favorite caf? toasted sandwich at home. Create up to four open cheese melt snacks, or toasted thick sandwiches and wraps. This is sure to satisfy any toasties craving and more.

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  • Sunbeam 2400W Cafe Contact Grill and Sandwich Press GC7850B

    The Sunbeam GC7850B Cafe Contact Grill and Sandwich Press is a large contact BBQ grill and sandwich press in one. The Sunbeam Contact Grill/Press helps create varied and healthy meals to please the entire crowd. Stainless steel construction Ribbed top and flat bottom plates BBQ grill plate Removable drip tray Grill juicy meats, seafoods and vegetables or toast your favourite sandwiches or open cheese melts.

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  • Breville 2200W Adjusta Grill and Press Contact Grill BGR250BSS

    The BGR250BSS Get the taste of your favourite caf? meal all possible thanks to the ribbed and flat non-stick cooking plates which lets you either drain excess fat from your food as it cooks or trap the juices and flavours when grilling flat with 7 adjustable height settings.

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  • Sunbeam 2400W ReversaGrill Contact Grill HG3300

    The HG3300 This indoor/outdoor BBQ grill is the perfect entertainer. Use the ribbed plate for grilling meat or reverse it for a flat plate for eggs, mushrooms or breakfast hash browns. With a large reversible grill plate, and 2400 watts of grilling power the Sunbeam ReversaGrill is perfect for entertaining. The ribbed grill plate is ideal for cooking at high temperature to seal meats and achieve authentic grill marks. Then easily click out the plate and reverse to the flat plate side for rissoles, eggs, breakfast pikelets or even Turkish gozleme

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  • Sunbeam DiamondForce ReversaGrill BBQ Grill HGM3000DF

    The Sunbeam DiamondForce ReversaGrill BBQ Grill HGM3000DF is the ideal BBQ for your home and is a great addition to your cookware when you’re entertaining or cooking wholesome family meals. The BBQ Grill is two times more durable than traditional non-stick cookware, thanks to the unique diamond particles infused coating creating a strong interlocking matrix layer at the base of the pan and grill. You can expect superior non-stick performance when cooking. The cast-in heating element allows you to control the temperature with a thermostat, ensuring your food is consistently cooked through. You can cook an entire meal from breakfast to dinner with this versatile BBQ grill, as you can flip between the grill and the flat plate. The built-in drip tray easily catches excess oil making your meal healthier and a lot less messy – especially if you’re grilling and cooking indoors.

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