Russell Hobbs 4L Slow Cooker Matte Black RHSC4A

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  • Russell Hobbs 4L Slow Cooker Matte Black RHSC4A

    The Russell Hobbs RHSC4A 4L Slow Cooker is perfect for slow-cooked meat, soup, casseroles and so much more! Three heat settings for the perfect temp – low for 8-9 hours of cooking, high for 3-4 hours, and warm for keeping food ready to serve. Clean-up is easy with the dishwasher-safe ceramic pot and tempered glass lid.

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  • Russell Hobbs 7L Slow Cooker Black RHSC7

    The Russell Hobbs RHSC7 7L Slow Cooker in Matte Black has a stylish premium matte black finish and a chrome dial. This slow cooker comes with three heat settings; low, high, and warm which gives you the option to find the best temperature perfect for your schedule

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  • Sunbeam 3.5L Traditional One Pot Cooker CHP200

    The Crock-Pot CHP200 Traditional Slow Cooker 3.5L was made for busy weeknights or relaxed weekends. Fill its ceramic pot with your ingredients, turn the dial to set and forget, then come home to a delicious slow-cooked dish. Convenient for reheating leftovers for two or whipping up a meal for a family of four, this versatile cooker is made for everyday one-pot meals with an easy clean-up.

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  • Kambrook 4.5L Slow Cooker KSC450CMP

    This Kambrook KSC450CMP slow cooker is a generous 4.5L size, perfect for families of all sizes! It’s stylish champagne colour means, it will not only cook flavoursome meals, but it will look great while doing it!

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  • Russell Hobbs 6 Litre Sear and Slow Cooker Matte Black RHSC650BLK

    The Russell Hobbs RHSC650BLK 6 Litre Searing Slow Cooker can sear and slow cook, all in the same pot! Ideal for creating delicious one-pot wonders, the removable non-stick pot allows you to sear your meat and other ingredients on stove-top before moving it back to the main unit to begin the slow cooking process.

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  • Breville 6L Smart Temp Slow Cooker BSC420BSS

    The BSC420BSS Slow cooked meat is tender in 8 hours and chicken is juicy in 4 hours. Now you can set to cook as long as required and the slow cooker will do the rest. Also automatically keeps your dish warm until dinner is served.

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  • Crockpot 5.6Lt Slowcooker CHP600

    Choose from 2 unique interchangeable crocks: 1 x 5.6L crock, 1 x 2.4L divided crock, Oven safe crock for reheating, Programmable digital countdown timer with automatic switch to warm setting, 3 temperature settings: high/low/warm and Dishwasher safe lid and removable stoneware

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  • Sunbeam 5.7L Express Multi Cooker CPE200

    The Crock-Pot CPE200 Express Crock Multi Cooker will help cook a variety of flavourful and healthy meals. With its five cooking and seven meal settings, you can have dishes prepared using just one pot, from mains to dessert, without worrying about piles of pans to wash.

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  • Sunbeam 5L Sear and Slow One Pot Cooker CHP700

    The CHP700 Use the pot directly on all cook-top types, gas, electric and even induction, to saut? ingredients before slow cooking and seal in flavours, all in one pot

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  • Sunbeam 5.5L SecretChef Sear and Slow Cooker HP8555

    The HP8555 The SecretChef is designed as a Frypan and Slow Cooker in one, that sears and slow cooks in the one unit, no need to have separate pans, or to use the stovetop. Use as a Frypan or as a Slow Cooker, or if you’re slow cooking, you can use both modes. It’s handy when slow cooking, as you can brown your meats on the Frypan mode, then switch to Slow Cook mode for the remainder. It’s so versatile you can create roast dinners, mouth-watering soups and desserts to hearty slow cooked casseroles and curries. Even sear a juicy steak or make bacon and eggs. Ideal for 6-8 people, and those who love leftovers.

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  • Breville 7L Slow Cooker With Easy Sear Pan BSC560BSS

    Breville BSC560BSS 7L Slow Cooker With Easy Sear Pan For optimum slow cooking, sear ingredients first in the Easysear pan on the stovetop to capture those rich caramelised flavours then slow cook in the same EasySear Pan. All the flavours are captured and you only need to wash one pan!

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  • Breville 6L Searing Slow Cooker LSC650BSS

    The Breville LSC650BSS 6L the Searing Slow Cooker is a multifunctional slow cooker with steam and yoghurt settings. Intensify the flavours by searing and slow cooking in the same pan without the use of a stovetop.

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