Kambrook 5 Cup Rice Cooker KRC150WHT

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  • Kambrook 5 Cup Rice Cooker KRC150WHT

    This Kambrook rice cooker has a 5 cup capacity, so you can steam enough white or brown rice for you and your guests. You can clean the cooker without a hassle with its removable bowl. Plus, the Kambrook KRC150WHT has a white finish. It’s great for steaming perfect rice every time.

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  • Kambrook 5 Cup Rice Cooker KRC405BSS

    The Kambrook KRC405BSS Rice Master 5 Cup Rice Cooker & Steamer will help you enjoy perfectly cooked – fluffy rice with every meal!

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  • Breville 8 Cup Rice Cooker LRC210WHT

    The Breville LRC210WHT 8 Cup Rice Cooker Set & Serve is a combination Rice Cooker and Steamer which makes up to 8 cups of light and fluffy rice with just a push of a button. Simply add rice and water. Cooks and keeps rice warm until you’re ready to serve plus steams your vegetables in the BPA-free Steaming Basket.

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  • Sunbeam Rice Cooker with Saute Function RCP4000SV

    The unique Sunbeam RCP4000SV Rice Cooker with Sauté Function has an exclusive sauté function, which allows you to prepare various recipes like pasta, couscous, stews and fried rice all in the one appliance. The simple and efficient rice cooker has a large 10 cup capacity which is ideal for large families or gatherings!

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  • Sunbeam 7 Cup RicePerfect Deluxe 7 Rice Cooker RC5600

    The Sunbeam RC5600 7 Cup Perfect Deluxe Rice Cooker takes the guess work out of cooking rice. It makes up to 14 cups of perfect, fluffy rice every time, and the included steam tray makes it ideal for steaming fish, poultry and vegetables, and removes easily for cleaning.

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  • Breville 7 Cup Rice Cooker BRC310BSS

    The BRC310BSS Fluffy rice needs precise heat and just the right cooking time. This rice cooker controls temperature and senses as soon as the water has evaporated to switch to the ‘keep warm’ setting. Rice turns out light and fluffy, never burnt or gluggy.

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  • Breville 10 Cup Rice Box Rice Cooker BRC460WHT

    The BRC460WHT This programmable rice cooker allows you to have rice ready precisely when you want it. It senses when the rice is cooked and switches to ‘keep warm’ to prevent burnt or gluggy results. Now you can cook authentic rice, no matter what the variety.

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  • Breville 10 Cup Smart Rice Box Rice Cooker LRC480WHT

    The LRC480WHT The rice cooker with Fuzzy Logic technology automatically adjusts temperature at the right time for each stage of rice cooking, no matter which type of rice you choose.

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