Sunbeam 1.7L Coastal Collection Kettle Black Pearl KE2500KP

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  • Sunbeam 1.7L Coastal Collection Kettle Black Pearl KE2500KP


    The KE2500P Inspired by coastal settings, this kettle will bring a sense of serenity, relaxation and beach-house charm to any kitchen. The exclusive textured finish offers an attractive twist on the traditional kettle design. Available in Black, White, Grey and Blue.

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  • Breville Kettle Cleaner BKC250

    The Breville BKC250 Kettle Cleaner will remove scale build up and stains in order to help revitalise your kettle.

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  • DeLonghi Signature Blend Coffee Beans – 500g SIGN500G

    The DeLonghi Signature Blend Coffee Beans – 500g SIGN500G delivers a rich and smooth aroma and the perfect coffee every time.

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  • Sunbeam Milk Frothing Jug EM0260

    The Sunbeam EM0260 Milk Frothing Jug Not only looks the part, this jug features a clever spout design that?s brilliant for crafting and pouring silky, textured milk for the perfect, cafe -quality cafe latte, cappuccino or espresso macchiato. Made of stylish stainless steel with a safe, cool-touch handle. With a 600ml capacity, the Sunbeam frothing jug holds plenty for everyone

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  • Breville Eco Liquid Descaler 120ml 2-pack BES009CLR

    This BES009CLR Eco Liquid Descaler can be used for coffee machines and kettles to remove hard water scale. There are two bottles included in this pack, with each 120 mL bottle delivering one wash. A dual action formula that gently removes hard water scale and cleans your machine of coffee residue and oils resulting in a better tasting cup of coffee and longer lasting machine.

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  • Breville Eco Steam Wand Cleaner 2 pack BES011CLR

    With this Breville BES011CLR Eco Steam Wand Cleaner, keeping your espresso machine clean is easier than you think. Completely odourless, phosphate and GMO free, and biodegradable, this must-have cleaning kit helps to remove hard milk scale build up from inside your coffee machine steam wand, reducing the risks of ingesting potentially harmful bacteria and keeping your coffee tasting as it

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  • Breville Eco Coffee Residue Cleaner BES012CLR

    With this Breville BES012CLR Eco Coffee Residue Cleaner, you can keep your most loved coffee machine fully functional. Ensure proper hygiene and maintenance to deliver high-quality coffee using Eco Coffee Residue Cleaner from Breville. Functions primarily to ensure that your coffee machine functions optimally, the Eco Coffee Residue Cleaner from Breville is a necessity to save you time and money for repairs while delivering high-quality and clean coffee.

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  • Breville 21 Cleaner and Descaler BES014CLR

    With this Breville BES014CLR Descaler and Cleaner, you won’t have to let a dirty machine ruin the taste of your coffee. Keeping your espresso machines clean is easier than ever with the Breville Eco 2-in-1 Cleaner & Descaler. This handy kit helps to remove hard coffee residue, oil build up, and hard water scale from inside your coffee machine.

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  • Sunbeam 1.7L Quantum Plus Kettle KE2360

    The Sunbeam KE2360 1.7L Quantum Plus Kettle has capacity for 7 standard cups of tea – that’s a massive 1.7 litre capacity. The kettle has a full length water gauges, making it easier to see how much water you have in the jug, plus removable filters, ensuring you have a clean and healthy kettle at all times.

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  • Russell Hobbs Vacuum Sealer Rolls 28cm x 6cm RHVS6R

    The Russell Hobbs RHVS6R Seal Fresh Vacuum Rolls, when used in conjunction with the Seal Fresh Vacuum Sealer, is the ideal way to store and preserve all types of foods.

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  • Delonghi Water Impurity Filter DLSC002

    The DeLonghi Water Impurity Filter DLSC002 is suitable for all coffee machines, reduces limescale, improves coffee quality and coffee machine performance.

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  • Sunbeam Foodsaver Double Rolls 28cm x 5.4cm VS0520

    The VS0520 Cut roll to make bags to the size you need, then wash & reuse. FoodSaver bags and rolls are extremely durable, with a unique construction to keep your food fresh and prevent waste. FoodSaver creates a commercial quality vacuum seal to lock in freshness, flavour and nutrients and prevent freezer burn. FoodSaver keeps food fresh up to 5X longer than traditional storage methods.

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