NextBase Car Power Cable Series 2 245612

Dash Cams

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  • NextBase Car Power Cable Series 2 245612

    The Nextbase 245612 Series 2 Dash Cam Car Power Cable can be easily fitted into any car or truck to power your dash cam. It is 4 metres long and can be easily routed around the windscreen and tucked under the trim so that it is out of sight. This cable is compatible with all Nextbase Dash Cams.

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  • NextBase ClickandGo PRO Mount Series 2 245614

    The Nextbase Click&Go Pro Powered Mount uses a new design, which is smaller, neater and easier to use than ever before. It uses integrated high strength neodymium magnets, so you can easily
    install and remove your Dash Cam with just one hand. The high strength neodymium magnets on the mount and Dash Cam click themselves together so you are ready to go. It has been designed to be hidden from your eyeline when driving, with the power cable plugging directly into the mount itself, allowing the Dash Cam to be wireless.

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