Panasonic 20W Bluetooth Sound System SCPM250GNS

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  • Panasonic 20W Bluetooth Sound System SCPM250GNS

    The Panasonic PM250 CD Micro System is not just a CD player with FM radio; it also has Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The SC-PM250GN-S system produces rich bass and crystal clear sound, all with low power consumption. The compact and stylish design will fit into any living room.

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  • Panasonic 20W AM/FM Bluetooth Radio SCHC200GNK

    The Panasonic HC200 2Ch Micro System sports a slim design, yet it delivers pure and clear sound with minimum distortion. It lets you enjoy not only CD and radio but also various other music media via Bluetooth. In spite of its reasonable price, the HC200 will bring a new music experience to your life.

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  • LG CK43 300W Mini system

    This LG CK43 Xboom Mini stereo has a remote, so you can enjoy the freedom to play d.j. from anywhere in your room. It features a 300 W total output and a Bluetooth connection. Fill your room with sound from a compact device with this LG stereo.

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  • Panasonic 300W 2CH Mini System SCUX100GNK

    The Panasonic SC-UX100 300-watt compact mini system delivers powerful bass and clear room-filling sound. With a design that looks great in every room, it includes mobile streaming and DJ Jukebox features to make it the life of every party.

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  • Panasonic Extreme Power Smart Mini Hi-Fi SCAKX320GNK

    Panasonic SCAKX320GNK Extreme Power Smart Mini Hi-Fi Featuring smart connection capabilities with the Panasonic app on your phone, Also featuring a slew of DJ effects.

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  • Panasonic 40W Bluetooth Micro Sound System SCPM600GNK

    The Panasonic SCPM600GNK CD Micro System will play back all of your favourite audio files in quality bass and sound. The Re-Master function of SC-PM600GN-K compensates for the dulled out frequency and loss of quality that occurs when audio files are compressed into MP3 or transmitted by Bluetooth.

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  • Panasonic 20W Digital Radio Black SCHC302GNK

    The Panasonic Micro System with Digital Radio & Bluetooth SC-HC302GN-K delivers rich and expansive sound that you would not expect from its small body. Equipped with AUX-IN Auto Play, you can easily enjoy music by connecting various audio devices to it. The compact and slender case is home to the latest sound technology. The 2ch digital amplifier represents the centerpiece which delivers a clear and dynamic sound without distortions

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  • Yamaha MusicCast Pre-Amp WXC50

    With the WXC50 by Yamaha, you can elevate your home cinema experience. Delivery quality MusicCasting, you can enjoy all your favourite music at your fingertips. Featuing bluetooth and Wifi!

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  • Panasonic 120W Hi-Fi System with Bluetooth SCPMX82GNS

    Enjoy top quality sound with this panasonic SCPMX82GNS. This Hi-Fi system has a powerful 120W speaker system, comprised of a main unit and two additional speakers, with bass and treble control.

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